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Guide To Set Up A Food Stall In A Festival

Whether you already have a food business or not, if there is a festival in your town, it’s worth setting up a food stall there. Festivals attract a lot of people, and it is a good opportunity for you to earn some extra money. Here is a simple guide that can help you to set up a food stall at a local festival.

Find what’s on-trend

Try to find out what kind of food people nowadays like to have at a festival or when they are on the road. You can read blogs where experienced people share their thoughts. You can offer healthy food, drinks, finger food, and other things.


You should find out the cost of setting up a food stall at the festival. You should take the VAT into account when pricing your food. You should decide on the stall type, location, power requirements, and expected number of attendees.

You should consider the cost of hiring staff, renting vehicles, parking, equipment, marketing, and travel costs. Then you must come up with a feasible budget.

Food hygiene

After the pandemic, people have become more cautious about food hygiene. You need to maintain health and safety policies when making and serving food.

Sometimes, the food inspectors visit the stalls to ensure that the food is being served in good quality. So, you can satisfy them if you maintain the food hygiene policy. You can get a hygiene rating for your business.

Make the stall sustainable

You shouldn’t use plastic bags to sell or serve your food. You should find alternatives. Try to use recyclable food and drink containers. By making your food stall sustainable, you will be standing out from others.

Before the festival, you should be active on social media. You must let people know about your stall and invite them to come. You can upload pictures of your preparation to get the visitors’ attention. You should be happy and active on the festival days and try to earn money.