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Tips For Going To International Festivals

Festivals have no boundaries. So, no matter where you are, you can attend any festival in the world. Going to international festivals is more challenging than going to a local festival. You need a lot of preparation. Here are some tips that can help you to enjoy an international festival.

Pack light

International festivals are crowded. During the time of the festival, the nearby hotels and restaurants will be booked. You may have to go from one place to another in search of a hotel or restaurant.

You may also have to hop on a bus, train, or taxi. So, you should pack light. Also, people may steal things from you, and it’s better not to take anything unnecessary or expensive.

Pack well

You should pack the necessary items. These include scissors, safety pins, sunglass, a scarf or bandanna to protect your head from dust or wind, baby wipes, a phone charger, sunscreen, a wallet, a mobile phone, and headphones.

These are all useful and will come in handy. Of course, you will have to pack your clothes and shoes, but make sure you take them in a limited amount. You should carry a windbreaker too. It is like a raincoat and has a hat. It protects you not only from rain but also from wind. It will make you look good too.

 Make friends

You will meet lots of people at the festival, and you should take the opportunity to make new friends. You can meet new people at the bus, hotel, or other places. This will allow you to learn about new culture too.

Carry food and water

Though there will be lots of restaurants and food stalls at the festival venue, you should still carry light snacks and water with you. The restaurants and food stalls may be full, and you may not get a chance to sit there.

You should make sure that you have your ID on you and you know the venue of the festival and timing. As the place will be very crowded, you might get lost, so you need to be careful.

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Tips For Getting Tickets To The Best Music Festival

Buying concert tickets can be very frustrating. The crowd is unbearable, and there seems to be a shortage of tickets. However, with some planning, you can buy concert tickets and enjoy the show. Here are some tips that might be helpful.

Be prepared

You should start preparing the moment you hear about your favourite band or singer performing. You should try to find out where and when it will be held, when the tickets are going to be out and how you can get them.

Be on the band’s mailing list and social media page

The tours are usually announced directly through social media or emails. So, by staying on the mailing list and social media page, you can get the announcement early and try to get a ticket for the concert.

Be on the local venue mailing list

You should sign up at the local venue mailing list so that you get notification whenever there is a concert, and the time they will start selling the tickets. They often offer pre-sales, and you will get notifications about that too. Register with the ticket agencies as well.

Know the seating plan

You should find out about the seating plan before you buy the ticket. That way, you can book the ticket accordingly. Note down the block numbers that you like.

Online sale

Different mobile phone or credit card providers, who are usually the sponsors, often sell some tickets on their websites. These are often available before the general sale. So, learn about the sponsors beforehand and visit their website or social media page to stay updated.

On the sale day, you should log in to the ticket-selling site from midnight or early morning. You should keep on refreshing the site so that you can get a chance to buy the tickets. Tickets often reappear after some time. Also, people may cancel a ticket at the last moment so you can get a chance to buy a ticket.

Keep calling the ticket agencies and visit them in person. The queue at the ticket counters usually starts the day before. It’s an amazing feeling holding that golden ticket in your heart. Not everyone gets a chance to watch concerts. So, once you buy the ticket, make sure that you make all the arrangements to have a good time.

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Top 6 Festivals In Australia

Festivals in Australia would surely give you an adrenaline rush. The Australians love to party, and they all get in a festive mood during the festival times. Here are some awesome festivals celebrated by the Australians every year.

Vivid Sidney

It is a very colourful festival that is celebrated in Australia. More than two million people attend the festival every year. The event is colourful, and you will hear live music throughout. Talented light artists come here for their amazing demonstrations. The major landmarks are illuminated with light projections creating a breathtaking view.

Dreaming Festival

This festival takes place in Woodford, which is only 90 minutes from Brisbane. The celebration takes place for three days in June every year. People celebrate the indigenous culture through this festival.

You will enjoy music, dancing, and cooking events. There is storytelling also, and people get to learn a lot about the lives and culture of the indigenous people.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne turns into a comedy scene every year during this festival. The top-most comedians from across Australia come to participate in this event. Along with laugh, you will enjoy the culinary delights that are offered to the visitors.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

This art festival is quite popular. The festival includes dance, art, music, and various cultural performances. If you are an art lover, you will have a wonderful time appreciating the artworks of classic and modern artists.


This is a beautiful festival that takes place in Byron Bay. It is one of the biggest music festivals in Australia and takes place in July every year. You will listen to the music of some of the best musicians in the world.

Adelaide Festival

It is a great festival of arts and takes place in Adelaide every year. Apart from the display of art, you will experience theatre, music, dance, and literature. Tourists from all over the country

These festivals bring together a lot of people irrespective of their culture and religion. They all celebrate art, music, and culture. The celebrations create beautiful memories which will last a lifetime.