Presented by Fizzics Education, our daily science shows will have you buzzing with knowledge and bubbling with excitement! 

Bringing two shows each day of the festival: a science taster Big Science, Big Fun! and a show that's all about explosions, Tick, Tick, Boom!


See gigantic bubbles, flying toilet paper, hair-raising electricity experiments, bubbling liquid nitrogen demos, levitating beach balls, volunteers on a nail chair, a giant gyroscope, fire balls, coloured shadows, a flame equalizer and much more!

tick tick BOOM!

Watch as this large stage performance gets noisy and the experts explore the science behind explosions demonstrating why chemical safety is so important. This is not just a series of tricks though, an experienced presenter will cover a multitude of concepts: air pressure differentials, exothermic vs endothermic chemical reactions, the effect of surface area on reaction rates, combustion requirements, properties of liquid nitrogen, applications of controlled explosions and more.