Take a break from the action and get your shop on with our curated boutique market. Get some cool threads or toys, check out some great services and new products. 

Market Retailers include;

Billie the Kid

"We make trucker hats... Little ones!"


Barnyard Balloons

These are fun colourful Animal Walking Balloons they stay on the ground and don't fly away. Come pick your animal and take him home to look after. 

Sweet and Sour

Known as the BEST Quality Long Length fruit candy in Australia and New Zealand. Always fresh! The Original Candy Fruit Liquorice.



COLORVELVET colouring-in velvets are 100% made in Italy products from high quality selected materials, designed to absorb colours while keeping them vivid and vibrant.

Colouring in COLORVELVET products are a relaxing and creative activity enjoyable by kids and grown ups of all ages. Perfect to keep everyone  entertained at home during school holidays and rainy days, at child care centres, aged care centres and waiting rooms



vibrant henna art

We run the first of its kind henna workshops in Sydney!
We do traditional as well as modern unique designs.


donut papi

Handmade doughnuts and baked goods!


eden stylz

Eden Stylz provides authentic hair braiding with modern styles and caters to men, women, boys and girls of all ages and nationalities. Eden Stylz offers party packages which include dancing, games, nail painting and braids for both kids and adults.

Based in Condell Park and renowned for premium and exclusive customer service and affordable prices. 


shapeeze fine motor fun

Shapeeze is a fun learning game which enables children to start school with an understanding of basic literacy and numeracy and develop crucial fine motor skills. Children learn to identify the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and sizes and develop the confidence to attempt new activities independently – all of which will encourage positive feelings in a child towards learning and school.



Mud and Sugar Creations

Mud and Sugar create children's Costumes inspired by memories of the dress up box. Designed for children who dream of being fairytale creatures and who enjoy creating their own characters, they are sure to have hours of imaginative play in these dreamlike costumes. 

Individuals can choose pieces from a range of colours to make a costume unique to themselves. Based in the Blue Mountains, each costume is beautifully handmade for many a magical adventure.


Purposit Logo.png


Magnetism is an invisible force, just like the mind: something that is there but that you cannot see. This is the reason behind its magic and its ability to inspire children's curiosity and intelligence. Since 2008 Geomag has been exploring the incredible potential of magnetism for playing and learning. Geomag products help children of all ages develop and train their minds, imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction. 




Purposit™ is an easy-to-use app & website where parents invite friends to chip ip for meaningful gifts for their kids on special occasions like birthdays, Xmas, etc.

Choose the gifts you believe will have a positive impact on your kid: material items, activities, experiences or education. Pick something needed today or in the future.

Everyone wins with Purposit™. Children receive gifts that are truly needed. Friends have the satisfaction of knowing what they give is wanted. Parents get an extra cash boost to fund costly milestones like university.  The environment also benefits from less waste.



Eco Friendly lunch boxes and water bottles for kids and adults who love Animals.

Cruelty Free, BPA Free. 


We are currently accepting applications for our 2017 market. For more info and to apply, please email kidtopia@fairfaxmedia.com.au